Have a Friend with Allergies? Here are the Best Pet Allergy Vacuums

Many people love their pets and allow them free access to their home. While this may not be a problem for the pet owner it can be a problem for some of their guests. There are people that have pet allergies. They start sneezing and wheezing if they come in contact with pet hair or dander. A pet owner can still have people over without having to give up their loved dog or cat. Here are the best pet allergy vacuums that can get rid of both pet hair and pet dander.

Miele Complete 3C Cat and Dog Vacuum Cleaner


This vacuum is a top choice for dog and cat owners. The vacuum is quiet to use so it will not scare the pets and has exceptional cleaning power to be able to suck up all of the pet hair which can be stubborn to remove. This vacuum has an Active Air Clean filter that is also able to absorb the odors that are left behind by the pet. There is a turbo brush that was designed to be able to remove pet hair from the furniture and hard to reach places on the floor. There is also a twister floor brush that can be used on the stairs. This vacuum has an electro plus power brush that works on both carpet and hard flooring such as tile or hardwood. There is an active clean air filter and a number of accessories to remove pet hair from any area of the home.

Sebo Automatic X4 Pet Vacuum Cleaner

Sebo Automatic X4

This is another vacuum cleaner that is high when it comes to removing pet hair. This vacuum is upright and has a great suction that will capture the pet hair and will not let it escape. There is a S Class filtration system which will keep the hair trapped inside of the vacuum. There is also a 12 inch power head as well as a number of extra tools that will remove pet hair from even the tightest corners. The tools include a dusting brush, upholstery tool, and a nine foot extension hose.

Eureka Boss Smart Vac 4870

Eureka Boss Smart

This vacuum has the air flow that is needed to be able to suck up the pet hair. There are a number of attachments that will also be used to get pet hair off of areas that are hard to get to. This vacuum will work on both carpet and bare floors. There is even an adjustment based on the thickness of the carpet so the vacuum can get the hair that is stuck deep down in it There is also a safeguard on the vacuum that will trap in pet hair and debris so that it does not escape back into the air. There is even a suction so a person can get any pet hair that may have gotten stuck on curtains.

Bissell Upright Powerforce Pet Hair Bagless Allergy

This vacuum has many great tools and the power needed to get deep down into surfaces to remove any hair that gets stuck. It is great for carpets, furniture, and even the stairs. There is a stretch hose that will allow a person to get into tight spots. The crevice tool can be used for steps as well as base boards. Once a person is done vacuuming they can empty the tank along with the pet hair that was captured. This vacuum is only eight pounds which makes it powerful yet lightweight. It will remove the pet hair without a problem.

Shark Rocket TruePet Ultra Light Upright

The vacuum will not lose suction or power as it is being used. It can be used on both carpet and hard flooring and will suck up all of the pet hair. There is an LED headlight so a person can see the area that they are cleaning. There is also swivel steering to get around the concerns. This vacuum has a special truepet motorized brush that was designed for deep cleaning purposes including the removal of pet hair. This vacuum is lightweight so a person will not get tired when using it. They can clean floor to ceiling and remove pet hair from every surface.

Neato XV 21 Pet and Allergy Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

This is one of the newer vacuum cleaners on the market. It will run automatically similar to the way the robotic vacuum works. This vacuum will go around the room including around the walls and pick up pet hair. The cleaning system on the Neato was designed to be able to suck up stubborn pet hair. This vacuum can work on all floors including carpet, tile, hardwood, laminate, and even area rugs. A person can schedule the vacuum to clean automatically. After the vacuum is done it can be emptied and charged. The vacuum will then be ready for the next day when more pet hair builds up.

Kenmore 22614

This bagless vacuum has lost of airflow which makes it powerful enough to suck up dog or cat hair. It is also quiet to run. There is a bagless canister that can be emptied after every use. This is a special button for carpets that will allow the vacuum to exert more power for a deep down clean. There are a number of different suction options as well as brush attachments. The cord is retractable so a person will not have to worry about getting tangled up in it. This vacuum is powerful and strong. It is recommended for those that have dog or cat hair that they need to get up. The vacuum is rather heavy so a person will build up some muscle when they use it.

These are just some the best vacuums for removing pet hair. They will be able to get the pet hair off furniture as well as hair that is caught in the corners and deep down in the carpet. This will allow a person to have their pets and remove the hair for friends and family members that have pet allergies. Looking for the best stair vacuum for your home or office? Read this.

What’s the Healthiest Dog Food?

Veterinary practitioners are regularly asked by dog owners – “Which is the best food to give my dog?”, and indeed it is a very valid question, as pet owners want to be sure that they are giving their four-legged friend the very best. It is well known that a dog’s good health relies upon being fed a nutritious diet, and therefore choosing a food that is especially formulated for optimal health is much more important than any other consideration, be it convenience or price.

It is important to remember that the information contained in this article refers solely to dogs that are in good health and which are not suffering from any abnormal condition such as a thyroid or kidney problem or food allergy and that the ideas expressed here are simply my opinion as there can be no single definitive answer to the question “which is the best dog food?”

Dog biting a bone

There is, however, one major factor which sets a balanced and complete dog food apart from a poor quality one, and that is the use of corn as a base product. If corn appears at the top of the list of ingredients found on the dog food label, it is unlikely to provide as high a level of nutrition for your pet as a dog food that lists a meat or poultry source such as chicken, lamb or beef as its primary ingredient.

It is important to be aware that there is a big difference between a meat-based diet and an all-meat diet. While an all-meat diet should be avoided in the long term for dogs, since meat is very low in calcium and high in phosphorus, a diet that is based on meat is ideal for your furry friend. A food that is based on grain does not make any nutritional sense when fed to a dog or a cat and can cause a host of medical problems such as greasy, flaky or dry skin or a coarse coat.

I therefore think it is vital for dog owners to pay close attention to the information contained on the label of the dog food packaging. The first thing to check is whether meat or poultry is at the top of the ingredients list. You should also check to make sure that there is a protein level of at least 30% and a fat content of at least 18%. You should also look out for a dog food which contains other ingredients like Vitamin E and Omega Fatty Acids as these are even more nutritious, however you should avoid any product which contains food colorings. Choose a product that meets these criteria and you can be confident that you are giving the absolute best diet to your beloved pet.

How to Prepare Your Pet for a Photo Shoot


Preparing a pet for a photo shoot includes some basic preparation to ensure the animal looks and feels their best. The following are some steps one can take to prepare their pet for the big day.


Basic Grooming and Preparation

A nail trim is very important and should be completed a couple of days before the shoot. Bathing the night before the shoot is very important and care should be taken that the pet is not allowed to get into a situation where they may get dirty again before photo time. If the pet will be wearing any accessories like a special collar, be sure the prepare these the night before the shoot to prevent any frantic searching. It’s also important for the pet owner to pick a comfortable outfit to wear for the shoot to prevent overheating under the hot photo lights. Be both the pet and owner should get a good night of rest.


Most pets will not sit still for a photo shoot without some training. It’s important to use a treat that the pet really enjoys and work diligently on sit-stay commands to ensure they will be prepared for the commands during the photo shoot. Work on training should begin at least a few weeks before the shoot.

What to Have at the Shoot

The pet owner should prepare a bag for the shoot the night before. It’s important to have everything that might be needed on hand to be sure the photos turn out well. Some of the important items to have are a variety of treats to prevent the pet from becoming bored. It can be a great idea to bring some human food favorites like meat, cheese and peanut butter treats. Bring along some favorites along with a new variety to keep interest throughout the shoot. It’s also important to have pet friendly wipes or a washcloth in case the pet gets dirty before the shoot. A pet brush is also important for the long haired pet. The last essential item is a water dish and bottles of water to quench thirst.

It’s natural for a pet owner to be somewhat nervous before a pet photo shoot. Pets can be unpredictable and the stress of a photo shoot can cause inexperienced pets to misbehave. A little preparation before the shoot will go a long way in helping everything to run smoothly. Once a pet becomes experienced with photo shoots, the may have a career of pet modeling ahead.