Any dummy can paint a kid’s face, right? Wrong. While face painting is fun and rewarding, and it doesn’t require a lot of drawing or makeup skill (Though it really does help) it does take some time to learn. Here are some tips for face painting for dummies to make sure your face painting at your next party or company picnic is loads of fun for everyone.
Materials Matter: Oil-based face paints easily smear. And if the brush is too flimsy or the paint is too runny, not even the best face painter will be able to put a good design on a child’s face. You get what you pay for, and quality seriously matters. Don’t be afraid to shop around, try things out, and ask someone with more experience what face paints they use.
Don’t Be Afraid of Full Face: Most beginners think that little flower or rainbow on the cheek will be much easier than a full-face kitty or bunny. This isn’t true. Often, the small cheek designs contain a great amount of detail and can be fussy and difficult. Also, when you do a full face design, you use the child’s own features as a guide, while in a small design you’re essentially working freehand.
Out of all the tips I could give you these are the most important. Keep experimenting and don’t be afraid to try new things. And, most of all, have fun.

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