How to Prepare Your Pet for a Photo Shoot


Preparing a pet for a photo shoot includes some basic preparation to ensure the animal looks and feels their best. The following are some steps one can take to prepare their pet for the big day.


Basic Grooming and Preparation

A nail trim is very important and should be completed a couple of days before the shoot. Bathing the night before the shoot is very important and care should be taken that the pet is not allowed to get into a situation where they may get dirty again before photo time. If the pet will be wearing any accessories like a special collar, be sure the prepare these the night before the shoot to prevent any frantic searching. It’s also important for the pet owner to pick a comfortable outfit to wear for the shoot to prevent overheating under the hot photo lights. Be both the pet and owner should get a good night of rest.


Most pets will not sit still for a photo shoot without some training. It’s important to use a treat that the pet really enjoys and work diligently on sit-stay commands to ensure they will be prepared for the commands during the photo shoot. Work on training should begin at least a few weeks before the shoot.

What to Have at the Shoot

The pet owner should prepare a bag for the shoot the night before. It’s important to have everything that might be needed on hand to be sure the photos turn out well. Some of the important items to have are a variety of treats to prevent the pet from becoming bored. It can be a great idea to bring some human food favorites like meat, cheese and peanut butter treats. Bring along some favorites along with a new variety to keep interest throughout the shoot. It’s also important to have pet friendly wipes or a washcloth in case the pet gets dirty before the shoot. A pet brush is also important for the long haired pet. The last essential item is a water dish and bottles of water to quench thirst.

It’s natural for a pet owner to be somewhat nervous before a pet photo shoot. Pets can be unpredictable and the stress of a photo shoot can cause inexperienced pets to misbehave. A little preparation before the shoot will go a long way in helping everything to run smoothly. Once a pet becomes experienced with photo shoots, the may have a career of pet modeling ahead.